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Kelebek’in usta ellerinden kalbinize uzanan mutfak ve banyolar tasarlıyoruz.

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Being Turkey’s first panel furniture and kitchen manufacturer, Kelebek Mobilya is one of the deep rooted industrial organizations of the history of the republic. Kelebek Mobilya commenced its activities in 1935 in İstanbul, Haliç to manufacture plywood for the wings of the first domestic airplane. Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, Kelebek Mobilya has become an industrial giant manufacturing furniture, kitchen, bathroom, seating groups and special wooden equipment employing state-of-the-art technology and superior quality approach on a total 186 thousand square meters area with an indoor area of 40 thousand square meters, today in Düzce. Employing solid and miscellaneous lamination techniques by employing German and Italian technology, Kelebek Mobilya carries out production employing the most advanced integrated production line systems.

Being Turkey’s leading furniture manufacturer, Kelebek possesses a unique and wide product range with innovative designs and furniture forms it has developed. Offering extensive area of movement to the customers in living areas with panel furniture systems, Kelebek meets all the requirements with its elegant, useful, high quality different collections which can be combined together and the unlimited alternatives offered by its rich product range.

Offering its products to the customers at more than 120 national furniture and kitchen stores, Kelebek Mobilya also takes part among top brands in the international market with its export of standard and exclusive Kelebek products to nearly 15 countries. Kelebek Mobilya is among the most reliable and leading companies in Turkey with the projects and mass contract works fulfilled with success in addition to its prestigious products.


Being one of the well rooted industrial corporations of the history of the republic, Kelebek Mobilya was founded in 1935 to manufacture plywood for airplane wings. It has continued its plywood production activities under Kelebek brand in İstanbul, Haliç until 1986. It has introduced the Modular Furniture factory that it has established in 1978, in Düzce to operation by ensuring a technical cooperation with the best project groups of their field throughout the world. It was offered to public at İMKB (İstanbul Stock Exchange) in 1990 and now has a status of public joint stock company.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, Kelebek Mobilya continues its production of furniture, kitchen, bathroom, seating groups and special wooden equipment employing state-of-the-art technologies on an overall area of 186,000 m2 with an indoor area of 40,000 m2.


1932 - Commenced production of plywood in Haliç to build the wings of the first domestic production airplanes.

1978 - Commenced production of the first panel furniture at its Düzce plant.

1979 - The first consumer sales point was opened.

1983 - Achieved 100 sales points in Turkey. Became the most popular furniture brand of the period.

1985 - The first kitchen store was opened.

1990 - Was introduced to the stock exchange and offered to public.

1991 - The first foreign store was opened in Dortmund, Germany.

2002 - Was entitled with ISO 9001 Certificate.

2012 - Was acquired by Doğanlar Mobilya Grubu İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

2013 - Gained IMOB Design Award and the award of Most Liked Brand in its Sector*.

2014 - Gained ISMOB Design Award and became the Fastest Growing Brand in its Sector.

2014 - 120th store was opened in Adıyaman.

* Ipsos and MediCat Turkey’s most liked brand research 2013.


Lamination System:

In 1983, it introduced “lamination” technology which was an innovative system for the furniture sector at that time, to Turkey.

Mass Production:

Employed solid and plywood line in 1984 for the first time in Turkey. With this regard, it became the only brand in Turkey able to use world furniture techniques in combination.

First Image Study:

Realized the first image publicity study as the first example in the world for the furniture sector in 1983.

The First Design Contest:

It held the first furniture design contest in Turkey within scope of 50th anniversary ceremonies in 1985. It distributed research awards on furniture and decoration and granted non-refundable scholarship to students who receive vocational training. The project continued until 2006.

The First Advertisement in a TV Series Episode:

The first advertisement in Turkey during a TV series and color advertisement work was achieved in 1985.

The First Environment Award of Turkey:

Its treatment plant was granted with ISO Environment Award. It became the first company to receive environment award, in 1985.

The First TSE Certified Furniture:

It became the first TSEK (Institute of Turkish Standards Quality Certificate) and TSE certified furniture company in 1987 – 1988.

The First Furniture Company Offered to Public:

It became the first Turkish furniture company by being listed in the stock market in 1990.

The First Furniture Company to Celebrate its 80th Anniversary in the Sector:

It became the first Turkish furniture company to celebrate its 80th anniversary.

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