Exciting and Attractive

Combining masculine handle details with a modernistic design, you can attain both modern and cozy kitchen decoration with Lisa & Selene. Turning every moment you spend for cooking and enjoying your time in your kitchen, Lisa & Selene will let you have the warmth of summer in your kitchen in every season.

Shining out with its exciting and attractive design, Lisa & Selene will turn cooking and every moment you spend to a pleasant memory.

  • Akrilik Bej (Lisa)
    Akrilik Bej (Lisa)
  • Akrilik Beyaz (Lisa)
    Akrilik Beyaz (Lisa)
  • Akrilik Krem (Lisa)
    Akrilik Krem (Lisa)
  • Akrilik Siyah (Lisa)
    Akrilik Siyah (Lisa)
  • Koyu Gri (Selene)
    Koyu Gri (Selene)
  • Doğal Meşe (Selene)
    Doğal Meşe (Selene)
  • Rustik Bej (Selene)
    Rustik Bej (Selene)
  • Tropik Ceviz (Selene)
    Tropik Ceviz (Selene)
  • Hareli Ceviz (Selene)
    Hareli Ceviz (Selene)
  • Hareli Meşe (Selene)
    Hareli Meşe (Selene)


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