Urban and Modern

Attracting attention with its design which satisfies all needs of fast and colorful urban life, Parvula kitchen touches the modern lives with its convenient structure. Being able to attune to every piece of furniture at your home with its different color options, Parvula kitchen cabinets blend simple lines with aesthetics.

This kitchen line will help you get attuned to the speed of the urban life easily with the elegance lying under its simplicity and functionality of its convenient interior structure.

  • Parlak Antrasit
    Parlak Antrasit
  • Parlak Beyaz
    Parlak Beyaz
  • Parlak Hardal
    Parlak Hardal
  • Parlak Krem
    Parlak Krem
  • Parlak Latte
    Parlak Latte
  • Parlak Vizon
    Parlak Vizon
  • Parlak İnci Beyazı
    Parlak İnci Beyazı


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